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Rubber mat designs

We know that rubber is not so slippery concerning the floor surface that’s why it is used as a tire and footwear making material. But for some reason it may not be able to produce enough grip on the top surface. So extra grip different designs are to be provided on top. The designs may change from manufacturer to manufacturer. But some of the designs are globally accepted and much often used. They are Amoeba design, bubble design, hammer design, checker design etc. Let us look a little deep into the designs which are available as stable mats, gym mats, industrial mats, etc.

Amoeba design
As the name itself suggests it looks like an amoeba. It is a random design not a clear pattern like the look.
Amoeba does not possess a specific shape. That’s why this design is also called the same. The surface texture provides a smooth but medium level of grip.


Bubble design
We see bubbles on top of the mat. They are spaced neatly on top. They have definite size and spacing in between them. Provides a good surface grip. As bubble needs a little more rubber material weight may be a bit increased than amoeba design


Hammered design
Looks the same as a bubble design. But the hammer design does not have spacing in between the bubbles. They provide a good grip. Also, this looks much softer than the amoeba design. a bit heavier than bubble design


Checkered design
The good-looking mat design. Lines allied to and fro. Provides better grip. The orientation of lines gives the top surface a good look. Weight is a bit less than the bubble and hammer type designs.


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