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Rubber mat applications

We know that Rubber is a material that is used in different applications from home to an MNC. Most popular and widely used application today is in the flooring section. There are thousands of manufacturers across the world that produce lakhs of rubber mats. As the name suggests these rubber mats are used for covering flooring. They come in the following category also:

Even though we say them as floor mats commonly they’ve got a wide variety of applications and each application has its specific manufacturing components and techniques.

The proportional change in mixing compounds heat applied pressing force etc. determines the mat character. Also different designs are provided on top for good looks and for providing enough frictional force for the anti-slipping property.

Mats are also classified according to application in the farming industry like cow mat, stable mat, grass protection mats, etc.

Cow mats

They are again classified for specific uses in the cattle farming field

  • Cow mattress/cubicle mat
  • Connecting mat
  • Milk parlour mat
  • Long run mat
  • Boot dip mat

cow mattress/cubicle mat

cow mat

Parlour mat

cow mat

Connected mat

cow mat

Long run mat

cow mat

Boot dip mat

cow mat

Stable mat

  • Stable mat pattern designed
  • Horsebox ramp mat
  • Stable mat interlocking
  • Eva stable mat

Stable mat Amoeba top design

cow mat

Stable mat Checker top design

cow mat

Stable mat hammer top design

cow mat

Stable mat Bubble top design

stable mat

Horse Box Ramp Mat

stable mat

Stable mat Inter locking

stable mat

Eva stable mat

stable mat

Here at DeltaRubberImports, we give predominance to the flooring applications. Also we deal in all types of mats like cow matsstable matsgrass matsindustrial mats, and a wide range of designs too.

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