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Rubber turned into mats

Rubber is found in daily life from an eraser, rubber band etc. to parts on a luxurious car. A simple natural resource that is collected from a rubber tree. Rubber is used in various applications and specific industries. The natural property itself make it perfect for the making of several products including shoes, tires, gloves, wetsuits, flooring materials, etc. The long lasting quality of rubber makes it a popular component to making a variety of products that are used in your day-to-day life.

rubber mats

It’s so common to take them for granted that we often forget to appreciate their importance. Floor mats serve an essential purpose for many stores and businesses, and provide benefits beyond their basic functions.

Why are floor mats important?

Some simple examples why we can depend on rubber based mats:


rubber mats

Buildings and facilities in the commercial sector have a lot of foot traffic, meaning dirt and liquids have plenty of opportunities to enter from the exterior.

Mats can seriously counteract this by protecting your facility from outdoor soils by as much as 75 to 80 percent

You are safe with them

rubber mats

Wet areas and slippery floors are less slippery with floor mats because they stop dirt from falling through them.

Provide long lasting floors.

rubber matsKeeping outdoor soils out of your building makes the rest of your building cleaner, and mats reduce wear and tear in high traffic areas, extending the life of your flooring.

Here at DeltaRubberImports, we give predominance to the flooring applications. Also we deal in all types of mats like cow mats, stable mats, grass mats, industrial mats, and a wide range of designs too.

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